Saint Stanislas de Jésus et Marie Papczyński
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Kalendarium of the Beatification Process

Ca. 1705 

Fr. Mansueto Leporini OFM wrote Fr. Papczynski’s first biography, Life of the Founder


Fr. Casimir Wyszynski went to Rome as Procurator General of the Congregation and took the first steps there to begin Father Papczynski’s beatification process. He established contact with attorney Alegiani, who gave him instructions on how to handle the process; they prepared a project of interrogatoria and the articles of the process together


Fr. Wyszynski wrote Fr. Stanislaus Papczynski’s Biography


the Superior General of the Marians, Fr. Hiacynth Wasilewski, appointed Fr. Louis Zapalkowicz to the office of the Procurator and instructed him to handle the matter of Fr. Papczynski’s beatification


Bishop Theodore Czartoryski delegated Bishop Zauski to open the beatification process and gave him two judges and a fiscal promoter as assistants


in Warsaw, the first session of the Information Process in Poznan was held in the matter of the beatification of Fr. Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczynski


the Process was interrupted because Bishop Zaluski, Chairman of the Tribunal, was imprisoned by the Russians


a new chairman of the tribunal, Anthony Okecki was nominated and the Process was resumed


the Process was concluded and its acts were sent to the Sacred Congregation in Rome


the attorney prepared Informatio and Summarium


Animadversiones Fidei Promotoris (charges made by the Promoter of the Faith)


the Sacred Congregation of Rites issued a decree approving Fr. Papczynski’s writings


Attorney Alegiani responded to the charges made by the Promoter of the Faith, but his responses turned out to be insufficient


the General Chapter of the Marians nominated their Postulator


a new work regarding Fr. Papczynski was published in Rome. Its title: Stanislai a Iesu Maria Papczynski, etc., Positio super introductione causae


Relatio et vota from the meeting of consultants-historians was published


additional information and explanations were published in Informatio


a statement by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of the Saints regarding the correctness of the Process that took place in the 18th century


Relatio et vota from the meeting of the consultants-theologians


further explanations were published, Explicationes ad adnotationes Congressus Peculiaris super Virtutibus dies 22 ianuarii habiti


Decree on the Heroic Virtues of Fr. Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczynski was promulgated with the permission of Servant of God, Pope John Paul II


Pope Benedict XVI authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to publish a decree recognizing the miracle attributed to the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God, Fr. Stanislaus Papczynski